• News Corp Australia CEO Michael Miller believes AI companies should pay for the news they consume to support content creators.
• The rapid rise of generative AI is a way for tech companies to take advantage of original content without remunerating creators.
• A federal law, the News Media Bargaining Code, has been implemented in Australia to ensure news publishers are compensated for their work on tech platforms.

News Consumption and AI

News Corp Australia CEO Michael Miller recently argued that artificial intelligence (AI) fuelled applications should pay for the news and content being used to improve their products. Miller highlighted how digital companies can use creative content without remuneration or attribution, citing OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 chatbot as an example.

The News Media Bargaining Code

In 2021, the Australian federal government introduced the News Media Bargaining Code to make sure news publishers receive payment for their work on tech platforms in Australia. However, Miller believes similar laws should be established to guarantee compensation for all types of content creators, such as journalists, musicians, authors, poets, historians, painters, filmmakers and photographers.

OpenAI’s Success

Miller also noted that OpenAI was able to quickly establish a business worth $30 billion by using other people’s original works without any compensation or recognition. This demonstrates how powerful digital companies can benefit from taking creative content from others without properly compensating them.

Protection For Creators

Miller wants legislation put in place to protect creators from exploitation by AI firms who may use their work without paying them appropriately or giving them credit where it is due. He argued that those who produce original journalism and content should not fall into the same traps that decimated industries in the past by allowing tech giants to monetize their works without rewarding them adequately.


In conclusion, Michael Miller urged governments globally to introduce laws that ensure all types of creators are fairly compensated when their works are used by AI applications or exploited by digital companies seeking profit at any cost.

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