• StoryCo is an open media platform that facilitates the franchising of intellectual property (IP) through collaboration and soulbound tokens.
• StoryCo is a creative marketplace, like Fiverr and Upwork, where any individual can contribute value in different ways.
• Value is created through multiple avenues such as user-generated content contribution, story or funding proposals, completing an activation or even viewing a story.

StoryCo: Franchising Intellectual Property

The co-founders of StoryCo, Justin and J.P. Alanis, spoke with NFT Steez on how blockchain facilitates scaling co-creation and franchised intellectual property. They explained how their platform helps to incentivize creators while navigating the bureaucratic nature of centralized institutions to push these creations live.

A Creative Marketplace

When asked whether StoryCo is similar to pay-to-hire platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, Justin acknowledged the similarities but said it was more of “a creative marketplace that leverages existing creative talent” where anyone can join the platform and explore, create and potentially franchise IP with stories or pieces of content they vibe with.

Creating Value

StoryCo aims to create value through various avenues including user-generated content contribution, story or funding proposals, completing an activation or even viewing a story. This allows fans to be symbiotically involved with creators without any barriers between them when it comes to creating content.

Incentivizing Creators

The founders discussed how their platform mitigates noise when it comes to incentivizing creators in order to make sure they are adequately rewarded for their work without dealing with red tape from centralized institutions. This ensures that everyone involved in creation receives proper compensation for their contributions while fostering collaboration between creatives around the world.

NFTs Seminal Moment

At the end of their conversation, Ray Salmond asked if owned works could become NFTs which could hold immense sentimental value within certain communities — something which Justin noted had already been done before on other platforms like Ethereum based games such as Gods Unchained and Splinterlands where players have engraved memories into pieces of digital art forever preserved on blockchain technology — making this a seminal moment for NFTs

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