• ChatGPT is a useful tool for learning WordPress, allowing users to ask questions and gain insights on the platform.
• Users can start by gaining basic knowledge about WordPress and preparing specific questions or topics they wish to research.
• With ChatGPT, users can learn how to set up their local development environment, debug plugins and test plugins for best performance.


WordPress is a widely used content management system (CMS), powering millions of websites around the world. It offers user-friendly interface, rich customization options and strong plugin ecosystem. With the help of ChatGPT, users can investigate various WordPress features, get advice and gain knowledge to improve their understanding and proficiency with the CMS.

Start with Basic WordPress Knowledge

Before using ChatGPT, it is important to understand the basics of WordPress such as its purpose, key features, plugins, themes, terminology and differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. This will provide a solid foundation for one’s learning journey. With WordPress.com users can create a website without worrying about hosting or other technical aspects while more power & freedom is offered by WordPress.org where you need to install an instance of WordPress in your hosting provider’s server..

Prepare Specific Questions & Topics

Make a list of all specific queries related to WordPress that you want to know more about like website optimization , theme tweaking , plugin development etc . Asking targeted inquiries will enable you to get the desired information . For example , if you are interested in developing wordpress plugins then you would need support from ChatGPT in setting up a local development environment for creating them . This may involve setting up XAMPP or WAMP server as well installing wordpress on it .

Debugging Plugins

Being able to debug plugins is critical for plugin development which can be learned through ChatGPT . It could help you locate common issues/mistakes when coding WordPress plugins as well suggest methods to troubleshoot them . Moreover , it also lets you rapidly test your plugin’s performance after completion so that they work properly within intended specifications .

Testing Plugins

One should always check their plugins before deploying them into production environment since any mistake could cause serious damage if left unchecked . Therefore it is highly recommended that one tests their WordPress Plugin following best practices suggested by experts on ChatGPT like writing unit tests , automating testing process etc so that code quality is ensured before deployment

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