Coinbase’s Q1 Results Beat Expectations

• Coinbase reported a net loss of $79 million in the first quarter of 2023, significantly narrowing its losses from $557 million in Q4 2022.
• Transaction revenue increased 16% quarter-on-quarter to $375 million, with most coming from interest income and blockchain rewards.
• The company’s share price spiked 7% in after-hours trading due to the positive results.

Transaction Revenue

Coinbase saw strong earnings from both its institutional and retail investor trading activity during the first quarter of 2023. Transaction revenue — the fees it charges for trades — from its institutional base increased a whopping 66% to over $22.3 million, while transaction revenue from retail investors increased 14.1% to $352.1 million. Overall, transaction revenue made up 50% of Coinbase’s total revenue for the quarter.

Focusing On Financial Discipline

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong called the quarter a “turning point” for the company as it works toward being more “financially disciplined” by reducing costs and focusing on operational excellence and risk management. Although Coinbase cut 18% of its staff in June and then another 10%, Armstrong said that their teams are still “smaller but more nimble than ever” and have seen “meaningful progress” since then.

High Demand For Bitcoin And Ether

The demand for Bitcoin (BTC) (36%) and Ether (ETH) (18%) trades remained almost identical over the quarter at 50%. Interest income and blockchain rewards were also major contributors to Coinbase’s total revenue with numbers increasing to $240.8 million and $73.7 million respectively from Q4 2022 levels.


Overall, Coinbase managed to significantly narrow its net losses in Q1 2023 thanks largely due to robust earnings from retail investor trading activity combined with cost reduction measures taken by CEO Brian Armstrong which led to their share price spiking 7%. This result marks an encouraging sign that Coinbase is on track towards profitability this year despite turbulent times last year which saw them post large net losses every quarter throughout 2022

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