• Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has acknowledged the ‘broken’ user experience of its app and pledged to improve it.
• This acknowledgement came after the start of ‘Onchain Summer’, a multi-week festival of product launches and brand activations.
• During this event, users have highlighted various pain points that need to be addressed by the Coinbase app.

Coinbase App ‘Broken’ for UX Says CEO

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently admitted that the user experience on its app was “broken” and promised to make updates in the coming weeks. This statement comes after the start of “Onchain Summer”, a multi-week festival showcasing new products, brand activations, and non-fungible token reveals on Base. The festival has exposed how broken the Coinbase app is for its users, prompting Armstrong to request feedback from them in order to prioritize changes that need to be made.

Pain Points Identified By Users

Users have identified several pain points with the Coinbase app during Onchain Summer which need addressing. One popular request is for a fast settlement credit card on-ramp that doesn’t require an additional account setup. There’s also been reports of bugs concerning Google Chrome when connecting with Coinbase’s mobile wallet which have been persistent than expected.

History of Poor UX in Crypto Industry

The crypto industry has long had issues with poor user experiences due to blockchain technology being owner-centric and irreversible by nature. Despite these challenges, XGo content manager Kirthana Devaser believes there should be a continued focus on sleek UI design and making blockchain invisible in everyday interactions with users.

How Will Improvements Be Made?

Armstrong said he will use feedback from users during Onchain Summer to prioritize what improvements need to be made first on the Coinbase app over the next two weeks. He also requested more feedback from users via Twitter so they can better understand what needs fixing most urgently for their customers.


In conclusion, while blockchain technology makes it difficult for companies like Coinbase to provide good user experiences, they are still trying their best to improve their apps accordingly based off customer feedback from events like Onchain Summer .

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